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About Emma

Emma is passionate about educating those who are open to learning, about the change in perspective that an understanding of our soul self gives us. 


Emma started her career as a Registered Psychologist for 20 years. 


She then earned her yoga teaching diploma and became a Registered Yoga Teacher. Over the past 18 years, she has taught many hundreds of students and has continued to work on raising her own vibration through years of study of all things spiritual.


Combining the practicality of science with the unlimited potential of spiritual assistance, gives clients the best of both worlds.

Emma Janetzki Logo_MASTER_COLOUR.png

Soul Counselling

Bringing together the science and rigour of psychology with the bigger picture perspective of the non-material world, to help others struggling with the many challenges and lessons life on Earth is here to teach.



Classes are a fusion of different yoga styles incorporating yoga breathing, mindfulness and meditation. Private, General, Intuitive,  Healthy Hens to Corporate Classes..... 



Western numerology is a system of studying the energy vibration of numbers and letters that uncovers the blueprint of your life.

For Bookings and General Enquiries contact Emma

Email: emmajanetzki@bigpond.com        Phone: 0418 151380


                                              Gold Coast Australia 

Emma Janetzki Logo_MASTER_COLOUR.png
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