Soul Counselling

Follow your True Life Path 


Do you feel that there is something more to life for you? Are you on the cusp of taking that next step to developing a deeper connection to your higher self/the source of all energy? Do you want to explore and address the obstacles that make you feel 'stuck' and are preventing you from aligning with your true path? Are you more than ready to do the work to make lasting changes in your life? In her work as a Psychologist, it was frustrating for Emma to see how many so called 'psychological' problems were actually a form of spiritual crisis.


Emma uses a wide range of modalities gathered from many years as a Registered Psychologist then as a Registered Yoga Teacher and Numerologist as well as a lifetime of spiritual study, to provide guidance and support to intuit answers, strategies and direction uniquely for you to enable you to follow your true life path.


The initial session is two hours, to really dig deep and examine detrimental patterns of behaviour and thinking. Many clients will only need this one session: there is no ‘cookie cutter’ approach as Emma encourages you to use your own intuition as to whether you feel you require any subsequent sessions.


So whether it's for some spiritual mentoring, to examine the likely mental and emotional reasons behind physical problems or to really start living a life based on your internal guidance system, counselling can help.


Unsure as to whether counselling incorporating soul energy is for you? Do you feel your problems are too trivial or too huge to deal with? Here is a list of just a few of the various issues that Emma has assisted clients with over the years:



  • Feelings of unworthiness

  • Lacking direction and feeling 'stuck' in life

  • Anxiety

  • Past sexual abuse

  • Extreme frustration and resentment

  • Emotional numbness and feelings of despair

  • Holding onto anger and inability to forgive

  • Lack of purpose and career guidance

  • Feelings of hopelessness

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • At the end of the road with conventional counselling and seeking something deeper

  • Spiritual mentoring

  • Help with tuning into one's intuition

  • Looking more deeply at range of physical problems resulting from unexpressed emotions trapped in the body

Many of Emma’s counselling clients feel they have learned all they can with conventional Counsellors, Psychologists and/or Psychiatrists and are looking to examine their issues from a deeper perspective. Whilst there are a great many wonderful and caring mental health professionals out there and all treatments have their time and place, an examination of the lessons your soul chose to learn can be the missing piece to improve your understanding of significant life events.

Ready to go deep quickly? Emma can combine a full recorded Numerology Reading plus Soul Counselling in one intensive session. This will be an extra long session suitable for those who are 100% ready and keen to commit to transforming their life. 

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Initial 2 hour Soul Counselling session: $150


Subsequent 1 hour sessions if you decide you require further assistance: $90

Combined Full recorded Numerology Reading plus Soul Counselling intensive session: $200