A spiritual seeker since childhood, after life shaping experiences in those intense teenage years, Emma became interested in examining the motivations behind why people act the way they do and make seemingly crazy choices that result in self-sabotage. This led her to study psychology at university. Once she had completed her degree and then a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology at the University of Queensland, she was a Registered Psychologist for 20 years.


Being an empath and highly sensitive person (HSP), Emma wisely determined that working with those with psychosis and chronic mental health problems as a first job straight out of university would quickly result in burn out, so pursued a career in Organisational/Corporate Psychology, working her way to Senior Consultant Psychologist at EY (Ernst & Young), an international accounting and business consulting firm. In this role, she specialised in conducting psychological assessments, counselling, career transition and outplacement work, and in helping employees cope with organisational change. Although she loved her work, she knew her workmates were not her ‘tribe’ and there was something more she needed to be doing.


After the birth of her children, having discovered the amazing benefits of yoga and meditation, Emma earned her yoga teaching diploma and became a Registered Yoga Teacher. Over the past 18 years, she has taught many hundreds of students and has continued to work on raising her own vibration through years of study of all things spiritual. After learning how to protect her own energy, be uncompromising with her own self-care and continual spiritual development, Emma had complete clarity as to her own soul purpose: to bring together the science and rigour of psychology with the bigger picture perspective of the non-material world, to help others struggling with the many challenges and lessons life on Earth is here to teach.

Combining the practicality of science with the unlimited potential of spiritual assistance, gives clients the best of both worlds. You will come away from a session with many suggestions for improving the quality of your life, no matter what the problem.


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Emma Janetzki Logo_MASTER_COLOUR.png