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Soul Counselling 

Initial 2 hour Soul Counselling session: $150

Subsequent 1 hour sessions if you decide you require further assistance: $90

Combined Full recorded Numerology Reading plus Soul Counselling intensive session:




$15 casual, $70 for 5 classes with 6 month expiry. Discount for concession.


Private one to one Intuitive Yoga class incorporating meditation: from $75


Group/corporate Yoga: price varies dependent upon participant numbers and location



Recorded phone Numerology Reading encompassing your six personality numbers, the vibration of your current name and business name (if required), your karmic lessons and an interpretation of your Personal Year number, recommended for those under the age of 18 or so: $75

In-depth recorded Numerology Reading with Major Life Cycles, Pinnacles and Challenges, recommended for those with many life challenges and/or those over 18 years of age or so: $95

 Additional family members: $65 per child under 18 years, $85 for 18 years and over


There are a large amount of Emma’s counselling clients that feel they have learned all they can with conventional Counsellors, Psychologists and/or Psychiatrists and are looking to examine their issues from a deeper perspective. Whilst there are a great many wonderful and caring mental health professionals out there and all treatments have their time and place, an examination of the lessons your soul chose to learn can be the missing piece to improve your understanding of significant life events.

Many of Emma’s clients and yoga students come along through word of mouth, but please remember that everyone is walking their own path. Clients must attend sessions willingly: you may be well meaning in wanting to help your friend or family member but unless they are truly ready to make changes, any of these services may be of limited benefit.

Emma Janetzki Logo_MASTER_COLOUR.png