Clarity and the Joy of Self Discovery

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Western numerology is a system of studying the energy vibration of numbers and letters that uncovers the blueprint of your life. It was created by the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras more than 2,500 years ago. One of the benefits of numerology is that it can uncover your life purpose and the likely lessons you will encounter along the way. Armed with this information, you will find you have many ‘aha’ moments, clarity and the joy of self-discovery once you have your ‘numbers’.


Carefully preparing your chart by hand to ensure accuracy, Emma then interprets your numbers and phones you at a mutually convenient time, recording an audio file for you to keep to re-listen to at your leisure. Emma can also prepare numerology readings for family members, particularly those you would like to understand more clearly. Next, she will look at your year ahead and the likely main focus and challenges that the year will bring for you. The meaning behind recurring numbers you are noticing can also be examined and explained.


For a more in-depth reading (recommended for anyone over the age of approximately 18 years), Emma can examine your Major Life Cycle numbers, looking at the stage of growth you are currently in, in your life. Also, she can determine your Pinnacle numbers (a time of growth and advancement that provides you with an opportunity to look at an area in more depth) and challenges in fulfilling your life purpose.


Recorded phone Numerology Reading encompassing your six personality numbers, the vibration of your current name, your karmic lessons and an interpretation of your Personal Year number, recommended for those under the age of 18: $75

In-depth recorded Phone or in person Numerology Reading with Major Life Cycles, Pinnacles and Challenges, and own business name (if required) recommended for those with many life challenges and/or those over 18 years: $95


Additional direct family members: $65 per child under 18 years, $85 per direct family member over 18 years